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What is SMT

SmartMillions Token (SMT) is a utility token based on TRC-20 smart contract for profit-sharing environment on SmartMillions.

Points Scored

  • Presale
  • Airdrops
  • Staking. Mining

Token Distribution

  • 10% Presale
  • 5% Airdrops
  • 85% Staking, Mining

Refer A Friend (Presale) & Marketing

Earn SmartMillions Token During Pre-Sale By Referring Friends!

We believe in the power of mouth to mouth marketing. This is why we are not working with expensive marketing agencies but return our 30% marketing budget back to the community.

As a user of the SmartMillions ecosystem, you can refer yourfriends and family members to the SmartMillions Token Pre-Sale to earn additional SMT. Here is how it works. You have a unique referral link, share this link to your friends or family members. Once the person registers with your link, you can earn as much as 30% depending on your level.

There are 5 levels of referral bonus as seen below.


  • LEVEL 1
  • LEVEL 2
  • LEVEL 3
  • LEVEL 4
  • LEVEL 5

How to Earn Partner SMTs after the Token Pre-Sale:

Earn Bonus SMT by promoting the SmartMillions Lottery Affiliate Program. More details following soon.

Use of Funds

The TRX collected during the token sale would be distributed as follows: 20% of the revenue would be used for ongoing development. 15% would be allocated to secure funds for 0energy freezing and the prizes of SmartMillions.

Additionally, legal and administration would gulp 2.5% of the total revenue. Similarly, Security and audit would also gulp 2.5% of the revenue. Lastly, marketing, affiliates, and influencers would take the lion share of 30%.

  • Marketing, Affiliates
    & Influencers35%
  • Prizes10%
  • Refund Pool20%
  • Ongoing Development20%
  • Energy Freezing15%
  • Legal & Administration2,5%
  • Security, Audits, etc.2,5%

Why SmartMillions ?

Despite the world of Crypto is so large, SmartMillions has some features that indicate its uniqueness. Everyone can find his own advantages of playing here.


  • Staking payout system with SMT Token.
  • Quick deposits & referral commission.
  • Unique design and fast development.
  • Verified and real prizes.

Other Lotteries

  • Complicated mechanics to participate in lotteries
  • No investment opportunities
  • Boring design and slow development
  • Delays with the withdrawal of funds

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